CCM Junior Strings

CCM Junior Strings (CJS) is a high-achieving, performing orchestra designed to augment area private studios and public school string programs in training young players. CJS has made several international performing tours of Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, Canada, China and Hong Kong.

CCM Junior Strings (CJS) is for students in 5th through 8th grades who play bass, cello, violin or viola. Students require experience with their instrument (see audition details to access student readiness).

CCM Prep music ensembles are skill-enhancing and enriching experiences that supplement students’ experience in their own school orchestras and help them reach future goals. CJS rehearses once a week. The ensemble performs two full-band concerts at CCM each year.

  • Age group: 10-13
  • Pre-requisite: experienced strings playing (use audition requirements as a guide for student readiness)
  • Auditions: Required

Please note that registration is for a full academic year commitment

Fall 2023 Audition Details

Audition Dates: Sept. 9-10, 2023

Audition Location: Loveland Intermediate School (757 S Lebanon Rd, Loveland, OH 45140)

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CJS 2023-2024 Audition Preparation:

  1. Scales: 2 octave Major Scales; up to 3 flats/sharps
  2. Solo: Prepare a solo that demonstrates your abilities. Students in CJS must be able to shift to multiple positions, read rhythms and key signatures, play with a variety of bowings in multiple styles, demonstrate an advanced tone and do vibrato
  3. Sightreading: students will be given a short sightreading selection that will include rhythms, key signatures, bowings and fingerings representative of our repertoire. To prepare for this, practice sightreading on your own.

Statement of Purpose

The CCM Prep Music Ensembles are committed to maintaining the highest standards of musical excellence. The Ensembles function to

  • Provide members with exclusive educational experiences that prepare them for college and career and contribute to the knowledge, technique and skills necessary for advanced artistic performance
  • Provide performance opportunities at CCM’s state-of-the-art facilities that allow for creativity and self-expression and give audiences a means to experience innovative and exciting performances of high-quality, diverse repertoire
  • Provide members with a positive, challenging and supportive learning environment with extensive opportunities to demonstrate musical leadership, teamwork and professionalism,
  • Provide members with a source of lifelong personal growth via opportunities to assess their skills and strengths, reflect on their achievements and progress, and prioritize their areas for improvement