Gino James DiMario Memorial Scholars Program

The Gino James DiMario Scholarship is given to CCM Prep music students in memory of Gino James DiMario. The Gino James DiMario program honors talented, motivated students who wish to expand their music involvement and connect their CCM Prep studies to other life experiences. Enrolled CCM Prep music students who are in kindergarten through grade 11 are eligible to apply. 

Age Categories and Awards

The available income in the scholarship fund determines the scholarship awards for the year. Each year, six scholarships will be awarded, three in the fall and three in the spring in each of the following age categories:

  • Primary DiMario (grades K-4) 
  • Middle DiMario (grades 5-8) 
  • Secondary DiMario (grades 9-11) 

Due Dates and Timeline

  • Early Summer: Scholarship announced for the following academic year
  • September 15: Fall applications due                 
  • End of October: DiMario recital performance for current and past recipients; new scholarship recipients announced; updates on the previous spring recipients

Application Process

Applications will open late summer/early fall for the current school year. Students who apply for the DiMario Scholarship will perform on the DiMario Recital in late October.

CCM Prep students are eligible to receive the scholarship three times, once in each age category. 

Students who receive the funding but do NOT fulfill the scholarship requirements are not eligible to apply for future DiMario scholarships.

How is the scholarship applied?

The full amount of the scholarship is applied toward your instruction (private lessons or ensembles) at CCM Prep. Amount received will be applied to the following semester’s tuition. If there is an outstanding balance on your account when the scholarship is awarded, the scholarship will apply either partially or in full to that amount.

For more information, please contact the CCM Prep office for the DiMario Program guidelines. CCM Prep can be contacted at or 513-556-2595.

Gino: The Scholarship and the Story

Gino James DiMario began his Suzuki piano studies at CCM Prep at the age of four and participated in many recitals and competitions. Gino passed away on February 19,2005 shortly after performing at CCM Prep. In his short life, he touched many as an enthusiastic student who loved music and invested enormous effort and continual growth throughout his studies. In his memory, a scholarship fund has been created with the generosity and support of his parents, Michael and Sharron DiMario.

The scholarship program is intended to reward CCM Preparatory music students who show the determination, commitment and creativity that Gino embodied. To date approximately $20,000 in scholarships have been awarded to deserving students.

Support the Gino James DiMario Memorial Scholarship Fund by making a donation online. Please be sure to mention the DiMario Scholarship in the comment portion of your donation. Thank you for your support!


All applicants for 2019-2020 were awarded scholarships due to the Covid19 Pandemic causing recitals to be cancelled.

  • Ana Backscheider
  • Ariella Brimm
  • Daniel Chen
  • Alton French
  • Lucy Lawler
  • Trina Lee
  • Micah Miller
  • Annabel Schulte
  • Abby Wardlow
  • Winn Wirtz
  • Andrew Zhou


  • Samuel Brown
  • Aurora Wibowo
  • Bolin Yu


  • Reed Gnepper 

  • Maeve Henderson 

  • Darcy McMahon 

  • Dionne Parker 


  • Henry Campbell
  • Anthony Dorsey
  • Sebastian Morales
  • Joe Welage


  • Gina Fanelli
  • Ishana Galgali
  • Maggie Leahy
  • Luke Orth
  • Oliver Powell
  • Mina Shen


  • Sophia Suwiryo
  • Lilyanne Thoroughman
  • Faith Min
  • Madison Thiel
  • Olivia Puntenney
  • Diego Godoy


  • Chisato Fuji
  • David Godar
  • Janise Hambrick
  • Emily Susanto
  • Nicholas Wibowo


  • Katrina Chandra
  • Eli Davis
  • Yangxing Ding
  • Irena Kuan
  • Joshua Siderits
  • Juju Stojanovic


  • Zoe Cheng
  • Lauren Everett
  • Luke Lentini
  • Anna Rayburn
  • Alex Ying
  • Nicole Yoon


  • Tristan Britt
  • Gabriella Geis
  • John Nguyen
  • Abraham Mancino
  • Louise McKinney
  • Kathy Qian


  • Domenic DiFrancesco
  • Sara Dreibelbis
  • Jenny Liu
  • Natasha Saputra
  • Olivia Fehrenbach


  • Matthew Adams
  • Isabella Geis
  • Stephan Freeman
  • William Smallwood


  • Theo Baker


  • Rishabh Chatterjee
  • Sam Nash


  • Benjamin Cail
  • John Pettengill
  • Mary DeMatteo
  • Hannah Fereshtehkhou