Musical Theatre

CCM Prep adheres to the highest standards for theatre education taught by some of the finest and most experienced faculty in the area.

Musical Theatre is an art form that integrates singing, acting, dancing and production for storytelling. It is an artistic field that is interdisciplinary and incorporates artistry and academic analysis as a way to enhance performance. Students in our musical theatre classes explore ALL of these disciplines and learn the art of interacting with other peers through storytelling, dance, acting and song. 

High school students who want a deeper experience should review our Musical Theatre Cohort (MTC) for students 13-18 who are interested in intensive training for Musical Theatre. 

Please contact the CCM Prep office with questions about Musical Theatre Programs.

Are you interested in intensive training in Musical theatre?  If the answer is “yes,” please consider our Musical Theatre Cohort (MTC), where students will receive immersive musical theatre training and college audition coaching in vocal technique/pedagogy, acting, and dance. Students will work with our expert faculty, consisting of: Bethany Xan Kerr, (Kinky Boots National Tour), Xan Jeffery, acclaimed vocal coach and Vocal Pedagogist, Tracey Bonner, local Artistic and Academic Leader, Theatrical Choreographer and Director and Performing Arts College Consultant and Jared Earland, local actor in stage, technical theatre and stage combat. By participating in this cohort, you will receive the opportunity to take part in Company Scenes training and Performance Master Classes, where professionals from both CCM Faculty and New York professionals will work with students on audition technique, casting, playing the understudy/swing, perfecting your video audition and, in addition, have the opportunity to work with current Broadway actors. The program will culminate in a staged showcase performance!

10-11 a.m.– Acting Techniques  

11 a.m.-12 p.m. – Musical Theatre Technique & Repertoire 

12:15-1:30 p.m. – Musical Theatre Performance and Master Class series 

1:30-3:00 p.m.– Musical Theatre Dance

Acting Techniques

Instructor: Assorted artists

Debatably one of the best parts of acting class is getting to dive into scene work! This course will build upon the acting foundations learned in acting technique (Meisner, Alexander, Stanislavski) by applying them both to monologues and scene work from the contemporary theatrical canon. By focusing on specific objectives, actors will learn techniques to place their attention on scene partners, allowing natural emotion to rise as a result of the pursuit of their actions. Rigorous script analysis techniques will be introduced in both the contexts of comedic plays and dramatic plays.  

In addition, this class will cover basic techniques needed to create a safe and effective fight for the stage. Students learn the basics of all aspects of unarmed stage combat, falling, grappling, punches, kicks, etc. Particular attention will be paid to the safeties required to perform fights as well as how to connect stage combat techniques to text, character and intention. 

Also, students will learn to explore the building blocks of improv, making clear character choices, and working as an ensemble to develop strong story lines. Students will focus on various games and exercises that encourage trust, communication, active listening, character development, and teamwork. You never know what will happen...that's why it's improv!  

Musical Theatre Technique & Repertoire

Instructors: Bethany Xan Kerr and Xan Jeffery

Musical theater is NOT all glitter, jazz hands, and belting (though we sure love all those things!). It is a beautiful, difficult craft that stretches us emotionally, physically, vocally, and mentally. In this class students will explore up to six different assigned musical theater selections and work on them in front of the class, as well as one non-musical theater selection (such as rock, pop or R&B). Students will learn to develop a character within the context of their song and be able to identify the obstacles, objectives, tactics and stakes. Vocally, students will work on breath control, the quality of tone and use of the voice in different registers in relationship to the character. Physically, students will explore the brain to body connection, learning to sing from a neutral, unaffected physical place. The primary focus, however, is to learn to integrate these three skills.

Song assignments will be given in a way that promotes a unique blend of vocal performance and musical theater history, allowing students to sing and hear a wide range of selections from the entire canon of musical theater, diversify their repertoire, understand and explore the characteristics of each new style, and how to prepare songs in consideration of the appropriate historical/textual context. Possible contemporary composers we may explore: Lin Manuel-Miranda, Tom Kitt, Marc Shaiman, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Stephen Sondheim, Stephen Schwartz, Michael John- LaChuisa, etc. Earlier composers we may explore: Jerry Herman, Jule Styne, Cole Porter, Rodgers & Hart, Rodgers & Hammerstein, Kander & Ebb, Irving Berlin, etc.

Musical Theatre Performance

Instructors: Bethany Xan Kerr and Xan Jeffery

Have you ever wanted to work on one of your favorite musicals and perform some of the stand-out numbers?! Do you have a favorite scene you’d like to do from a play?  This course offers students an opportunity to interact in a studio setting under the guidance of a musical director and a musical theatre stage director/acting coach to do just that! Sessions will be used to explore, refine and polish musical theatre acting and singing techniques, focus on the synthesis of acting and singing while preparing musical theater/theatre roles, master a significant section of a challenging musical theatre score as an ensemble, work on individual performance techniques, and explore what it means to story tell when you don’t have technical elements to aid you. 

Performance Masterclass Series

Moderator: Bethany Xan Kerr

This series of masterclasses will offer a chance for individual students to learn from and perform in front of CCM faculty, leading Broadway actors, directors, casting directors, agents, and/or other creatives, and receive feedback. A cornerstone of exceptional theatrical training involves observing peers work with professionals like these, as well as getting to work with them personally!  A few of the Masterclasses offered will be in Intimacy Coaching, Improvisation, Voiceover work, Dance, Puppetry plus many many more.  Sign up for the entire series OR drop in on a few!

Musical Theatre Dance

Instructor: Cassidy Steele

Advanced exploration of dance techniques commonly used in musical theatre and plays including jazz, ballet, and partner dancing with a strong emphasis on tap. Continued development of using dance to develop character. Students will learn Broadway level choreography. Tap shoes required. 

Does your child like to sing, dance and act?  Well then, they belong in our Apprentice Cohort!  We designed our Apprentice Cohort to cultivate young, talented performers into confident individuals! Through the magic of song, dance, and acting, plus supportive collaboration, students will develop teamwork, public speaking, and creative thinking skills while building self-esteem. Each week, experienced professional musical theatre, acting, and dance instructors will teach the art of auditioning, memorization, vocal technique, choreography, character development, and improvisation. Whether you’re a seasoned performer or new to the arts, our program will help empower the natural storyteller in your child. So, join us, and let’s make some magic together!   

Classes offered: 

  • 10-11 a.m. – Musical Theatre Techniques 1 and 2 - Xan Jeffrey  
  • 11 a.m. -12 p.m. – Musical Theatre Dance - Karie-Lee Sutherland  
  • 12-1 p.m. – Acting for the stage – instructor TBD 

Musical Theatre Techniques

Instructor: Xan Jeffery

Do you have a child who loves to sing and dance? Or a child who wants to come out of their shell?  In this class, we will use theatre techniques like group sing-a-longs, dancing, and tongue twisters to help students become more confident speaking in a group setting while making friends!  This musical theatre class combines singing, acting and musical theatre dance, promoting confidence, discipline, basic vocal technique, improvisation ability, and teaching young performers all about life on the stage! 

Musical Theatre Dance

Instructor: Karie-Lee Sutherland

The classes develop the “dancing actor” by working on characterization through movement and choreography. Classes consist of a jazz or ballet warm-up, floor stretches, isolations and center combinations incorporating jazz, tap, ballet, folk, social/partner and lyrical dance steps in forms that are frequently used in musical theatre productions and plays. 

Acting For The Stage

Instructor: TBD

Students will be encouraged to expand on their performance skills to create characters with depth and motivation, work as an ensemble and individually, and use their basic knowledge of theatre vocabulary to interpret the essentials of a scene. Movement will also be a big part of this class. In this discipline, actors practice exercises, explorations and improvisations that improve their physical storytelling and practice their ability to transform into different characters. In movement classes we also practice the observation of the world around you and actor research by moving the body. Each student will leave the class with new skills and ready to take on their next performance!

Musical Theatre Classes

View the Musical Theatre page on our registration site for class details and registration information. The class offerings are listed below:  

  • Musical Theatre Techniques (grades 3-8) 
  • Acting for the Stage (grades 3-8) 
  • Musical Theatre Cohort (grades 8-12) 
  • Broadway Dancercise (ages 13 & up) 
  • Performance Master Class Series (ages 13-18) 
  • College Audition Consulting and Coaching (ages 16-18) 
  • Adult Tap (ages 18 & up)