Orff Schulwerk Teacher Education

Music teachers and students playing instruments

Music teachers and students during a previous session of CCM Summer's Orff Workshop.

This approach to learning, developed by Carl Orff and Gunild Keetman, builds musicianship through singing, playing instruments, speaking, moving and improvising. Active music making is the core of this philosophy, supporting both conceptual learning and affective development of children. Children who regularly improvise and create their own music and movement are uniquely prepared to solve problems in many other contexts.

Orff Schulwerk Teacher Education - Level I is open to teachers who have earned at least a bachelor's degree in music education as well as undergraduate seniors pursuing a degree in music education or music performance (previous Orff chapter workshop attendance is recommended).

You will develop and apply skills in: 

  • Singing, Expressive Speech, Movement
  • Orff Ensemble/Percussion
  • Improvisation/Composition, Recorder and Pedagogy

 This is an American Orff-Schulwerk Association approved course.

Graduate credit is available for this course for an additional cost. Please register and pay for the workshop and you will be sent a link to register and pay for graduate credit through UC separately.


July 25-August 5, 2022


Headshot of Amy C. Beegle

Amy C. Beegle

Associate Professor of Music Education (General Music)


Recorder: Natasha Thurmon

A headshot of Natasha Thurmon

Natasha Thurmon teaches K-5 general music, choir, strings, Recorder, and Orff ensemble at Boldt Elementary in the Northside Independent School District in San Antonio, TX. She has a BME in Music Education from Pacific Lutheran University and an MM in Music Education from the University of Texas at San Antonio. She completed her Orff levels and two master classes at Trinity University, where she now teaches Recorder. Natasha is past president of Central Texas Orff, and has served on several subcommittees for AOSA, chairing the Social Media subcommittee, and most currently on the Recorder Teacher Apprenticeship Panel. She has presented at various workshops locally and at state conferences, as well as at the national AOSA conference and for Orff chapter workshops. She serves as co-site chair on the Professional Development committee of her local Northside AFT union and on their Executive Board as Elementary Vice President.

Natasha Thurmon teaches K-5 general music, choir, strings, Recorder, and Orff ensemble at Boldt Elementary in San Antonio, TX. She has a BME from PLU and an MM from the UTSA. She completed her Orff levels at Trinity University, where she now teaches Recorder. She has presented at state conferences, and at the national AOSA conference.

Movement and Recorder Instructor: Lissa Ray

A headshot of Lissa Ray

Lissa is in her eleventh year of “retirement” after a teaching full time for thirty years. Her teaching experience spans preschool to adults.  She is now teaching music to children three to six years old at Mercy Montessori Center.

She holds a Bachelor's Degree from Western Michigan University and a Master's Degree from Indiana University.  She has completed her Orff Certification as well as Master Classes and Orff Curriculum. She attended the summer course at the Orff Institut in Salzburg, Austria. Lissa presents workshops to Orff chapters across the country. She is a Movement and Recorder Instructor for OS Teacher Training.

Lissa has been active member of the Greater Cincinnati Chapter of AOSA since 1987.  She has held almost every position on the GCCAOSA Board. She has served on AOSA National Board of Trustees as a Region Representative and member of Technology, Advocacy, and 50th Anniversary Conference Committees. In 2018 Lissa was Local Co-Chair of the AOSA Conference in Cincinnati.

“Dr.” Lissa developed a series of Orff instrument repair videos in partnership with www.TeachingWithOrff.com.


Tuition to participate in this program is $600. Parking at CCM is included.