Frequently Asked Questions

Registration is now open for Summer 2021. Refer to each program to find the appropriate registration link. 

Most programs are open to rising sophomores through seniors in high school. Check the program pages for more information. Please note that the CCM/CPS Jazz Academy is open to younger students.

For out-of-town Immersion students, or local students who wish to experience living at UC, campus housing is available in a University of Cincinnati student dorm. Immersion students are chaperoned and housing fees include room, board and activities. Detailed information on housing options will be available in early spring.

Yes, we have a parking option for Immersion students who are commuting to the program. There is a CCM garage pass available for $30 per week. There is a registration option for the pass under High School Immersion on the registration site. Summer garage passes will be handed out the first day of class.

This type of parking pass is only available for students in the Immersion program.

High School students may join the CCM Preparatory apprentice program. This program is limited to local and current preparatory students. Apprentices earn tuition credit by assisting with our camps for youth. We look for enthusiastic, responsible young adults who have familiarity and comfort with the arts. Contact the CCM Prep office for an application for the apprentice program. 

Rehearsals and activities are offered over the weekend, and we want participants to take full advantage of their time with us. If there is a particular reason (a wedding or family reunion, for example) that would necessitate your child's absence, you must check in advance with both the Workshop director and the Immersion Housing coordinator. After obtaining prior approval, an adult family member must personally sign out the student and sign the student back in on his/her return.

Most of students' time is very structured, including evenings and weekends. In any unscheduled time, students will be able to choose from a variety of recreational and educational offerings.

We would be happy to help! You may call the CCM Preparatory and Community Engagement office at 513-556-2595 or send an email to