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Welcome to Talent for Hire, CCM's premiere performer and artist referral service. Performing artists from A-Z are at your service!

CCM's talented students and alumni will bring world-class artistry to your special event. Why hire live musicians and artists? Live entertainment can make your special event more:

  • classy
  • energetic
  • poignant
  • and memorable!

You can use this website to learn more about our services and submit information about your talent needs.

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Our Five Most Frequent Talent Requests:

  1. String Quartet (or duo, or trio) for any event.
  2. Jazz Trio to play standards at a reception.
  3. Vocalist to sing "Ave Maria" at a wedding.
  4. Guitarist or Harpist to provide ambiance during a cocktail hour.
  5. Quick-Study Vocalist/Violinist/etc. to perform poignant selections at a funeral.

Our Five Most Unique Talent Requests:

  1. An artist to help coordinate a flash mob for a wedding reception.
  2. An actress to improv as a wise-cracking nurse as a gag gift to a boss for his "over-the-hill" office birthday party.
  3. Musicians to perform and engage kids at a school arts fair.
  4. A composer to help write a piece of music.
  5. A favorite storybook princess to make a guest appearance at a child's birthday party:
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