Curriculum Details for Cognate Students and Non-Majors

CCM Arts Administration offers a cognate program for DMA students and offers courses that are available to undergraduate and graduate non-majors.

Cognate Information for DMA Students

The cognate consists of five courses plus an internship for a minimum of 15 credits. You must meet with Arts Administration Professors Jean Hamilton or Rebecca Bromels before registering as cognate to ensure this field is appropriate and all requirements are met. 

Additionally, there are several forms that you will have to fill out in order to complete the process:

  • Bio and Contact Sheets: Available at the Arts Administration Office (Corbett 3812) and must be returned to the office once complete.
  • Cognate Form: Available at the CCM College Office and must be returned to the Arts Administration office once complete.
  • Independent Study White Form and Green Add/Drop Form: Available at the CCM College Office. You will need these forms when you take credits for your Independent Study/Part-Time Internship.
  • Resume: Submit with cognate form

Cognate courses

  • Introduction to Arts Administration for Non Majors AADM 6060 (3G) OR Introduction to Arts Administration AADM 7071 (4G) — both courses are offered in the fall
  • Introduction to Nonprofit Financial Management AADM 7080 (2G) — offered in the fall
  • Programming and Operations I AADM 7098 (2G) — offered in the fall — OR Programming and Operations II AADM 7099 (2G) — offered in the spring
    • Must take Introduction to Arts Administration first or at same time
  • Marketing and Development AADM 7088 (4G) — offered in the spring
  • Current Issues Forum AADM 8070 (0-1G) — offered in the fall and spring
  • Independent Study/Part-Time Internship AADM 7056 for 2-3 credits — available in the fall, spring, or summer

Courses for Non-Majors

View UC's class offerings for the most up-to-date availability, schedule and course descriptions.

Managing a Professional Performance Career, 2 credits 
Examination of practical career management issues in the professional performance arena, including resumes, marketing and promotion, taxes and unions. Aimed primarily at instrumental and voice students contemplating professional performance careers. Topics also include personal & business financial management, creation of career plans, strategies for success, networking skills, career options, fund raising and grants.

Introduction to Arts Administration for Non-Majors, 4 credits 
This course offers an introduction to the theory and practice of American not-for-profit arts administration/management. The course opens with an introduction to the not-for-profit profit sector. The not-for-profit arts sector is then examined in this context. The second section of the course consists of an overview of the principles & practice of not-for-profit arts administration/management. The topics of mission, governance & leadership, human resources, strategic & financial management and the development of revenue resources to support mission are covered. Through readings, lectures and class discussions, students will apply those principles to the case study of an actual organization and, time permitting, will model the creation of an organizational plan outline for a small not-for-profit performing arts organization.