Music Theory and Musicology Society

The Music Theory and Musicology Society (MTMS) at CCM engages all interested members of the UC community to discuss issues relating to music theory and musicology. The MTMS regularly maintains forums for the purpose of discussing theoretical, historical and cultural topics in music. The MTMS also hosts a biennial conference designed to engage both UC students and students from other institutions in the broad field of music scholarship.

Executive Board 2021-22

  • Jacy Pedersen, President
  • Katerina Hall, Secretary 
  • Anne Delfín, Treasurer
  • Kabelo Chirwa, Communications Officer

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Student Conference

MTMS hosts its eighth biennial student conference, "New Approaches in Music Theory and Musicology" in March 4-5 2022. Additional information coming soon.

The hybrid-format conference will be held in conjunction with the Joseph and Frances Jones Poetker Thinking About Music Lecture Series featuring keynote speakers Julianne Grasso (University of Texas at Austin) and Imani Mosley (University of Florida). This year’s conference will include two workshops led by ethnomusicologists Stefan Fiol and Scott Linford. All presentations and one of the workshops will be accessible to all attendees, both in-person and remote. One of the workshops with be in-person only.

Students are invited to submit proposals for paper presentations. All proposals may address a broad range of topics within the fields of musicology, ethnomusicology, and music theory. We highly encourage submissions addressing current trends in music studies and new approaches to music theory and musicology research, such as 21st-century topics including feminist and intersectional approaches to music studies, disability studies, race and identity in music, sound/timbre studies, ludomusicology, film music studies, and pop music analyses.

Paper presentations or recorded video presentations will be 20 minutes long, and an additional 10 minutes will be allotted for questions, either in-person or over Zoom.

Proposals must be no more than 350 words and include the title of the presentation but omit any personal identifiers such as the author’s name and any institutional affiliation. Please limit submissions to three supplemental pages of examples.

Proposals may be submitted as PDF files to Include the author’s name, any institutional affiliation, phone number, email address, and a list of any audiovisual equipment needed for the presentation in the body of the email. All submissions must be received no later than 5 p.m. EST November 15, 2021.

Please email all inquiries to Kabelo Chirwa or Katerina Hall at

Past Conference Programs

  • "Conversations in Music" (2020)
  • "Changing the Filters for Understanding Music" (2018), Keynote speaker: Noriko Manabe
  • "Musicians in Context: Composers, Performers, Listeners" (2016), Keynote speakers: Janet Schmalfeldt and Neal Zaslaw
  • "Approaches to Analysis and Interpretation" (2014), Keynote speakers: Kofi Agawu and Thomas Forest Kelly
  • "Music and Meaning: Views from the Twenty-First Century" (2012), Keynote speakers: J. Peter Burkholder, Richard Cohn and Beverly Diamond
  • "Identity and Classification: Discerning Musical Perceptions" (2010), Keynote speakers: Robert Fink and Janna Saslaw
  • 2008 Conference, Keynote speakers: Christopher Hasty and Richard Taruskin
  • 2007 Conference, Keynote speakers: Mark Evan Bonds and William Rothstein