Faculty and Staff

At CCM, tomorrow’s arts luminaries work with today’s industry leaders. More than 150 internationally recognized faculty members work with students from around the world. CCM students receive personalized mentorship from professors who guide their individual scholarly, creative, musical, performing and teaching growth.

Who are our faculty members? CCM professors are Grammy, Emmy and Tony Award-winning performers and designers, ASCAP and BMI Award-winning songwriters and composers, Fulbright Scholars and more. They are members of major American orchestras, as well as directors and conductors for the world’s leading opera houses and summer festivals. They are researchers, educators, choreographers, filmmakers and playwrights, as well as experts on health and wellness for artists. They have published widely-used textbooks, performed at the White House and produced multimedia for US presidents. They have been featured on major broadcasts like Good Morning America, the Today Show, and the Tonight Show, to mention just a few of their accomplishments.

View CCM Theatre Design and Production faculty below, or view our college-wide directory of faculty and staff.

Headshot of Celeste Jackson-Moody

Celeste Jackson-Moody

Costume Shop Manager


Headshot of Elizabeth Rae Payne

Elizabeth Rae Payne

Assistant Professor of Costume Design


Headshot of Regina Truhart

Regina Truhart

Associate Professor, Costume Technology


Headshot of Krista Billings

Krista Billings

Adjunct Instructor of Lighting Design and Technology


Headshot of Gregory S. Falcione

Gregory S. Falcione

Master Electrician; Adjunct Instructor of Lighting Design and Technology


Headshot of Thomas Hase

Thomas Hase

Visiting Assistant Professor of Lighting Design and Technology


Headshot of Kevin Lawson

Kevin Lawson

Assistant Professor of Lighting Design and Technology


Headshot of Kelly A. Yurko

Kelly A. Yurko

Associate Professor of Make-Up


Headshot of Emily C. Porter

Emily C. Porter

Assistant Professor of Audio Technology


Headshot of Matthew Daniel Tibbs

Matthew Daniel Tibbs

Chair of Theatre Design and Production; Assistant Professor of Sound Design


Headshot of Charlie C Calvert

Charlie C Calvert

Associate Professor of Scenic Design


Headshot of Ashley Crockett

Ashley Crockett

Staff Props Master; Adjunct Instructor of Theatre Design and Production


Headshot of Mark A. Halpin

Mark A. Halpin

Associate Professor of Scenic Design


Headshot of Matthew Litteken

Matthew Litteken

Adjunct Instructor of Stage Design


Headshot of Jessica Secrest

Jessica Secrest

Scenic Artist; Adjunct Instructor of Theatre Design and Production


Headshot of Wendy J Dorn

Wendy J Dorn

Instructor - Adjunct


Headshot of Michele A. Kay

Michele A. Kay

Associate Professor of Stage Management


Headshot of Troy Bausch

Troy Bausch

Scene Shop Foreman


Headshot of Troy Brizius

Troy Brizius

Staff Technical Director


Headshot of Nancy Curtis

Nancy Curtis

Adjunct Instructor of Stage Design


Headshot of Stirling S. Shelton

Stirling S. Shelton

Professor of Technical Direction


Headshot of Bill Sylvan Tucker

Bill Sylvan Tucker

Adjunct Instructor of Technical Direction

Headshot of Rebecca Bromels

Rebecca Bromels

Division Head of Theatre Arts, Production and Arts Administration (TAPAA); Chair and Associate Professor of Arts Administration


Headshot of Jen Lampson

Jen Lampson

TAPAA Production Manager


Headshot of Deborah Neiheisel-DeZarn

Deborah Neiheisel-DeZarn

TAPAA Program Manager