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CCM's E-Media Division seeks bright, curious and creative students who possess an outstanding work ethic and the desire to produce impactful media content rather than simply consume it.

Our undergraduate program is student centered, professionally relevant and focused on creativity and development. It is designed to prepare students for the ever-changing media industry.

In today’s media and entertainment industry, the creation of content is the essential, common component that spans a range of digital platforms and channels of distribution. If you are interested in becoming a filmmaker, broadcast news reporter/producer, television director/producer, website designer, audio engineer, sports media producer, podcaster or social media creator, CCM's Division of E-Media is the place for you. CCM E-Media provides its students with the theoretical and applied foundation necessary to tell stories and produce impactful media content in the areas of filmmaking and digital cinema, episodic and commercial television production, broadcast news media and talent development, interactive and new media, social media, audio production and sports media, all mainstays of the contemporary media landscape. The E-Media program has produced impressive list of successful, award-winning alumni who are now working at the highest level in the media industry.

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Our bachelor of fine arts (BFA) undergraduate program emphasizes hands-on, experiential learning that is student-centered, professionally relevant and focused on creativity and artistic development. CCM E-Media students benefit from small class sizes and an innovative, flexible curriculum that reflects industry demands and student needs. The full-time, award-winning faculty have advanced degrees from premier academic programs and extensive professional backgrounds that allow them to emphasize current professional media production tools and techniques while providing students with connections to the industry. As a result, students acquire the hands-on skills and digital portfolio necessary to transition successfully into the professional world. Internships help in that regard, and they are a required part of E-Media core curriculum, taking advantage of professional resources in Cincinnati and our extensive network of successful alumni working in media markets across the country. To broaden their marketability, students majoring in E-Media must complete a minor or certificate of their choice, tapping into the unlimited potential of programs from across the university.

In recent years, CCM E-Media students have traveled to Germany, Poland, Alaska and California to produce acclaimed documentary films and new media work that has been broadcast on national and international television networks and accepted in film festivals on five continents. E-Media student work has won numerous student and professional awards, including student and professional Emmy awards, and their films have been selected to prestigious film festivals on five continents. As the largest undergraduate program at CCM, E-Media majors are uniquely positioned within a creative culture at CCM that fosters collaborations with actors, musicians, dancers, set designers and other performing artists as they develop their digital storytelling skills for film, television, Internet and mobile media distribution. Recently, E-Media has collaborated with CCM’s prestigious Acting program to start the “CCM Film Lab,” a cross-disciplinary initiative where students and faculty from both programs work together to emphasize directing and acting for the screen and produce narrative capstone film projects. Additionally, E-Media is now working with UC Athletics to produce sports media content for ESPN’s new subscription-based streaming service, ESPN+.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree (BFA) in E-Media uses a track-based curriculum with tracks in Film and Television Production, Broadcast Media Production and Multimedia Production with focus areas in web-site design, audio production and sports media. The curriculum in each track shares a common first year experience for all students. It requires two semesters of internships, a year-long capstone, and 18 credits in a minor or certificate program in addition to general education foundation from classes across campus. 

CCM's E-Media curriculum is:

  • student-centered: small class sizes and an innovative, flexible curriculum that reflects the dynamics of industry demands and student needs;
  • professionally relevant: full-time faculty with extensive professional media backgrounds teach classes grounded in experiential learning and provide exposure to professional media tools and methodologies with an internships requirement;
  • artistically grounded: classes are focused on creativity and storytelling while uniquely positioned within the performing arts environment at CCM.

Graduates of the program are prepared for careers in:

  • film and television writing, producing, directing, cinematography, editing
  • web site design and creation
  • broadcast news writing, production, on-air talent, director, camera operator or editor
  • sound design for the film, television, video gaming industries
  • sound recording and audio engineering 
  • social media 
  • promotions
  • media management
  • media programming
  • software development
  • advertising 
  • music
  • video games
  • media marketing and sales

Our graduates are working at the highest levels of the media and entertainment industry throughout the world. CCM E-Media's extensive network of dedicated alumni provide current students with career advice, internships and often-times job opportunities in Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Nashville, Chicago and, of course, Cincinnati and throughout the state of Ohio.

Whether you are an incoming freshman, a transfer student, or a non-traditional student, you're about to take a big step towards your future at the University of Cincinnati.

Have no fear - admission will be a process but we want to see you on campus, so we'll help you get started!

Before you begin your application to CCM, we advise you to take the following steps to help make the process easier:

  1. Read the CCM Admissions websiteIt has links to all the information you are going to need including application procedures and instructions, important dates and deadlines and information about all required E-Media prescreening material. Please note that the E-Media applicants are NOT required to schedule an audition. You can also check your application status from the CCM Admissions web site.
  2. Contact CCM Admissions. If you have questions about the requirements that you will need to satisfy in order to be accepted into the E-Media program, the advisors at CCM will help you make sure you have everything in order.
    Phone: 513-556-9479 (Undergraduate)
    Fax: 513-556-1028
    E-mail: ccmadmissions@uc.edu
    1. Set up a tour: UC can arrange a full tour for you, and you can also get a specialized tour of CCM and its E-Media facilities. You'll want to get comfortable with your future surroundings, we highly recommend this step!
    2. Inquire about speaking to an E-Media faculty member and/or current student: You're entering into an exciting field with many different options. Let us help you put a focus on what you want to accomplish at UC and beyond. If you already know the specifics of what you want to study, we'll connect you with people that are involved with your desired field.
  3. Take a look at the E-Media Course Offerings: We have a wide array of classes within the E-Media discipline. What interests you the most about this field? Is there a specific area that you would like to specialize in? View our class offerings and see what excites you!
  4. In order to be accepted to E-Media, you must submit a video essay, explaining your goals as an E-Media student, your passion and the academic track that most interests you. This can be done on your cell phone, although some students have demonstrated tremendous creativity in this section. Either method is acceptable. You can also include links to your digital portfolio, if you have examples of media work. Please contact us to let us know if you have further questions and we'd be happy to offer you advice!

A laptop computer is an essential content creation tool for all E-Media students and is required for all students entering the program. A MacBook Pro is the laptop model recommended for all incoming students. Students will immediately use this tool as our Integrated Media Production courses teach all incoming students the skills they'll need to make the most out of this investment.

There are several computer options. You can choose any of the options, ranging from the adequate 13 inch laptop to the recommended 16 inch model. Visit the Apple Store online for additional details and specifications.

In addition to the software already installed on the computer, we require the Adobe Creative Cloud, as it offers students a broad range of creative programs in video, audio and new media creation. Creative Cloud requires a monthly subscription fee. Creative Cloud is available at student discounts from the UC bookstore and other official academic vendors.

The E-Media Minor at CCM prepares students in the integrated media arts of filmmaking and digital cinema, episodic and commercial television production, broadcast news media and talent development, interactive and new media, social media, audio production and sports media.

All applicants must be current UC students. Ten to 15 minor applicants are accepted each year.

In applying for the E-Media minor you are affirming your understanding that:

  • you will likely have to take a required class (IMP2) during the summer;
  • your admission to advanced production classes is likely to be restricted to summer sessions;
  • you are required to have a laptop for the E-Media classes.

Applicants should submit a complete copy of their most recent Degree Audit and a 500-word essay explaining their educational and career goals and why they wish to minor in E-Media via email to the division head, Professor Kevin Burke at kevin.burke@uc.edu. Questions should be directed to Professor Burke via email. Applications are due Nov. 1.

CCM's undergraduate admissions process begins on August 1 for entrance in the following year's fall semester. All application materials must be submitted on or before December 1 to be considered for specific scholarship awards. Visit the CCM Admissions website for additional application instructions.

Pre-screening Requirements


Applicants must submit the required pre-screening materials via getacceptd.com/ccm on or before December 1 in order to be considered for admissions and invited for an audition.

Pre-screening Requirements

  • Video essay (no longer than two minutes) addressing the following:
    • What is it specifically about the Electronic Media program at CCM that interests you?
    • Why you are passionate about producing stories through electronic media?
    • What qualities do you possess, beyond a GPA and standardized test score, that you believe will make you successful in our program and as a future media professional?
    • Which curricular track within E-Media (film/tv production, multimedia production, or broadcast media production) interests you the most? Why? 
  • Attach links to media content (video, audio, web or writing examples) that represent current engagement with media storytelling and production.

Additional Information

  • We encourage you to visit the E-Media website and familiarize yourself with the curriculum before you apply
  • If the division needs more information in order to complete the decision-making process, you may be asked to interview.
  • Please note that there is a computer requirement for accepted students

Full Time Faculty

Headshot of Joe J. Brackman

Joe J. Brackman

Assistant Professor of Multi-Camera Production


Headshot of Kevin F. Burke

Kevin F. Burke

Professor of Electronic Media and Electronic Media Division Head


Headshot of Peter DePietro

Peter DePietro

Professor of New Media; Executive Director of UC's Emeriti Center; Provost Fellow


Headshot of Donald A. Hancock

Donald A. Hancock

Assistant Professor of Film and Television Production


Headshot of John M. Hebbeler

John M. Hebbeler

Assoc Professor


Headshot of John W. Owens

John W. Owens

Associate Professor of Electronic Media


Headshot of Hagit L Limor

Hagit L Limor

Broadcast News Journalism & Media Professor, Division of Media Production, CCM


Adjunct Faculty

Headshot of Matthew Curtis Alexander

Matthew Curtis Alexander

Headshot of Kenneth Dale Allen

Kenneth Dale Allen

Technical Production Manager, Adjunct Instructor of Electronic Media


Headshot of Chad Ashmore

Chad Ashmore

Adjunct Instructor of Electronic Media

Headshot of Clayton I. Belcher

Clayton I. Belcher

Adjunct Instructor of E-Media


Headshot of Nicholas Belperio

Nicholas Belperio

Instructor - Adj


Headshot of Bevin Blankenbuehler

Bevin Blankenbuehler

Instructor - Adj

Headshot of Steve E. Gillen

Steve E. Gillen

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Electronic Media


Headshot of Christopher Joseph Hagan

Christopher Joseph Hagan

Headshot of Douglas John Lillibridge

Douglas John Lillibridge

Headshot of Kemp B Lyons

Kemp B Lyons

Headshot of Norma J. Rashid

Norma J. Rashid

Adjunct Instructor of Electronic Media

Headshot of Michael Joespeh Sauer

Michael Joespeh Sauer

Adjunct Instructor of Electronic Media

Headshot of Yvonne M. Starkey-Posey

Yvonne M. Starkey-Posey

Adjunct Instructor of Electronic Media


Headshot of Kenneth Dale Allen

Kenneth Dale Allen

Technical Production Manager, Adjunct Instructor of Electronic Media


Headshot of David R. Colussi

David R. Colussi

Computer User Support Specialist I


CCM's Division of E-Media has been an innovator in media education since the late 1930's. Initially created as the radio extension of the Cincinnati College of Music, this program became the first collegiate broadcasting department in the country. During its first year, the College produced 51 half-hour broadcasts on WLW and WSAI, a 15-minute program for NBC, 30 half-hour broadcasts of "Music of the Masters" and 10 half-hour "Odeon Radio Workshops" for WSAI.

New broadcast studios were opened in 1941 and by 1946 the College granted the degree of bachelor of fine arts in radio broadcasting. This department continued to expand with the addition of television and became the Radio-Television Arts Department in 1950.

In 1955, the Cincinnati College of Music merged with the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music and brought the Radio-Television arts department into the newly formed College-Conservatory of Music (CCM). The department was renamed the Electronic Media Division in the late 1980's, and in 1999 it moved into its current facilities in the state-of-the-art CCM Village complex for the performing and media arts.

The program and its thousands of distinguished alumni are still making history through the country and around the world. The current E-Media program offers a BFA in Film and Television Production, Broadcast Media Production and Multimedia Production, as well as a minor in E-Media. The program emphasizes creative multi-platform storytelling and allows students to gain production expertise in filmmaking and digital cinema, episodic and commercial television production, broadcast news media and talent development, interactive and new media, social media, audio and video production and sports media.


Contact E-Media Division Head Kevin Burke

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